17" X 16" X 18" Natural Bamboo Frame Storage Stool with a Shelf and a Basket

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Get yourself an all-around and adaptable piece that will also breathe a bit of fresh air into your room with its elegance and charm, this is the bamboo stool for you. Its contemporary design will surely be an outstanding decoration as well. This stool is superbly made from high grade solid bamboo. It's a long-lasting piece, certain to serve well for years to come. Not to mention that you can use both for storage and sitting, without any space issues at all. Additionally, this bench has a storage basket. It has a sturdy seagrass top and an open shelf perfect for proudly showing off the little things you love as well. The thorough attention devoted to details in this stool and its obvious quality will add a flare of creativity to the ambiance of your home. As for measurements, they are 18' for height, 17' for width, and 16' for depth, and it weighs 11 pounds. It's slim and lightweight, perfect for the smaller spaces of your home. This bamboo storage stool is stain resistant, has plenty of space, and will make any room look better simply by being there. It would fit great in your hallway, living room, or lounge, for example.