Antop Antenna Inc.

Antop Antenna Inc. Pl-414Bg Pl-414Bg Pro-Line Ufo Amplified Outdoor/Attic/Rv HDTV Antenna

ANTOP Antenna Inc. PL-414BG PL-414BG PRO-LINE UFO Amplified Outdoor/Attic/RV HDTV Antenna

• Up to 65-mile range • Omnidirectional reception • Amplified DC 12V power supply • Feeds to multiple TVs for a whole-house-solution • Weatherproof coating &; design • Gray • 15" dia • Includes PL-414BG UFO amplified outdoor HDTV antenna, AC/DC power adapter, power inserter with smart switch, outdoor bracket, mast clamp kit &; Eng/Sp instruction/user manuals